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hello friends how are you I hope you are all fine. I am back in BRD Editz with an amazing lightroom presets. So friends, in this article I am going to give you a very amazing Lightroom preset. Using which you can edit the photo very attractive. How to download and use presets. Read this article in its entirety.

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Lightroom App_ Information

Lightroom is a powerful photo editing app, and software too. There are many tools available in this app, with the help of which we can edit photos in many ways. Background Color Change, Light Adjustment, Quality Increase, Presets, Retouching, Lightroom was developed by Adobe Company. Lightroom was first launched for PC, Apple MacBook and Windows. But after the great success of Lightroom on the Windows platform, the Lightroom mobile app was also launched by Adobe company for all those people.


Lightroom Masking Futures

Friends, if you want more futures in Lightroom, and want to edit photos in a professional way in mobile, then you can also buy Lightroom Premium App. In which there are 7 tools. in one masking features, it will not be found in any mobile app in the world.

1. Select Subject (Preview)

2. Select Sky ( Preview)

3. Brush

4. Linear Gradient

5. Radial Gradient

6. Color Range

7. Luminance Range


How To Download Very Amazing Lightroom Presets

1•Click on the download button.

2•Wait for a few seconds,

3•After watching the video, enter the password and select the download to continue option.

3•Click on Download DN

4• Presets will be saved in the gallery.


How To Use Amazing Lightroom Presets

•First open Photos and Presets in the Lightroom app.

• Now open Presets in Lightroom.

• After that by clicking on the three dot icon in the top right, select the copy settings option.

•Open the photo in the light room.

• By clicking on the three dot icon again, select the Paste Settings option.

•So friends, now you see that the preset photo has been applied. And Photo vary amazing edit.







• Photo Edit in One Click.

•HD quality.

• Usable in Lightroom mobile.

•Color retouching and light adjustment

• Premium Color Effects.

•Can download for free.



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