Carbon Grey Lightroom Presets || Grey Tone Presets

Carbon Grey Lightroom Presets :- Hello friends, today in this article we have brought carbon grey presets for you. These presets are for those who love to click pictures in places like nature. Almost all photographers have been using our wonderful presets for many years now, so can you. Every photographer needs good presets but they cannot get good presets for them. So don’t worry friends, today we have brought such lightroom presets for you, using which you can beautify the photos. We have the best 10000+ lightroom presets available on our website, which you can get right now.

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Carbon Grey Lightroom Presets
Carbon Grey Lightroom Presets


What is Lightroom? complete information

Lightroom is a photo editing app and software. This is a powerful app for editing photos. Till date the lightrroom app has played an important role in the world of photo editing. In today’s time everyone likes to make pictures beautiful. It’s the best for those people. Lightroom was developed by adobe company in January 2006. Lightroom was first launched for PC, MacBook and Windows. But after the resounding success of Lightroom on windows platform, Adobe company also launched lightroom mobile app for all. With the lightroom app, you can add great colors and effects to photos. Link in this article I’m going to give you carbon grey lightroom presets.

  • Lightroom frist version 1.0 February 2007 and version 2.0 July 2008.



Method to download Carbon Grey Lightroom Presets

This carbon grey presets link is in the media fire. If you want to know how to download this preset. So I have explained in the following steps below. read it carefully.

  1. First of all click on the download button given at the bottom of this post
  2. After that, you will see a download arrow option at the bottom, press it.
  3. Presets saved in your gallery


How to Apply Carbon Lightroom Lightroom Presets to Photos

Hello friends if you are a photo editor then you would know how to apply carbon grey presets to photos. But some newbies who don’t know much about editing right now. Those people want to know how to apply presets to photos. So I have explained in below steps. read it carefully.

  • First of all open Lightroom app on mobile
  • Then add photos and presets to the Lightroom app
  • Now open the preset in the Lightroom app
  • Then click on Menu and choose Copy Settings option.
  • Now open the photo in Lightroom app
  • Then click on Menu and select Paste Settings option.
  • After that save the photo in gallery


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Note [ Edit photos after applying presets]

After applying the carbon grey lightroom preset to the picture, it is necessary to make some changes. Because all of us also get the photo clicked, so that light proper is not available. Lights are just right in very few pictures. All photos have different amounts of light and saturation. Whenever we apply the presets to the picture, the amount of vibrance and light in some pictures becomes more or less. We have to fix it ourselves. For that read the following steps given below

Light Adjustment

  • Shadow
  • Exposure
  • Whites
  • Contrast

Color Adjustment

  • Vibrance
  • saturation
  • Temperature


[twenty20 img1=”3604″ img2=”3603″ offset=”0.5″ before=”Before” after=”After”]

Please Wait Few Seconds For Preset Download


Futures Of Presets

  • Full HD Quality
  • world’s best presets
  • Give pictures an amazing look in just one click
  • Usable in Lightroom app
  • Use photos to beautify
  • can get for free
  • Make photos awesome




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