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Hello all friends, today I have brought cinematic film Lightroom presets for you, which are very beautiful to see. You can see the pictures above. By applying this preset to the photos, you can make a nice change in the colour and lighting effect of the photos. Can make the face smooth and skin color beautiful. The most important thing about this preset is that it will make your photo amazing in just one click. Let me tell you that not all people give presets for free. But I am giving you this preset free of cost. So download it now and do photo editing.

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About Lightroom Mobile Application

Lightroom app was created by Adobe company for all photo editors. Nowadays the most popular app for editing photos is Lightroom. Lightroom application has contributed the most to photo editing in the world and my favourite app is also Lightroom. In this app, the colour and lighting effects of the photos can be corrected in less time and the pictures are made attractive. Those who wish to edit photos, those people must try Lightroom once. If you do not have a good mobile, your pictures look very old and you want to make changes to these pictures, then Lightroom is the best app. There is a total of two ways to do photo editing in this app. The first way is that you can edit the picture with one click with the help of presets. Second, you can edit photos using all the tools in this app.


Cinematic Film Lightroom Presets
Cinematic Film Lightroom Presets


Cinematic Film Lightroom Presets

You must have seen many old movies in which the colour and lighting effects are very good and have a cinematic look. So you will also be able to do photo editing using this preset. Complete information about download and use is given in this article.


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How To Download Cinematic Film Lightroom Presets

We have kept this preset in google drive. So we are giving you the link to google drive, and from there you can download it. There are simple steps in the method of downloading which are mentioned below.

First, click on the download button

open the link in Chrome or any other browser

Now download the preset from here.


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How To Use Cinematic Film Lightroom Presets

Friends, now let me tell you how to use cinematic film Lightroom presets and how to do photo editing. This preset is very easy to use and read through the steps I explained below.

  • First of all open the Lightroom app
  • Then add photos and presets to the lightroom.
  • Now open presets in Lightroom.
  • Then click on the three-dot icon in the top right and select the copy settings option.
  • Open the photo in the Lightroom.
  • Select the paste settings option by clicking on the three-dot icon again
    and you are all done


Preset Download

Futures Of Preset
  • Full HD Quality
  • world’s best presets
  • Give pictures an amazing look in just one click
  • Usable in the Lightroom app
  • Use photos to beautify
  • can get for free
  • Make photos awesome


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