Dark Black Lightroom Mobile Presets Free Download

Hello friends how are you, hope everything is fine. I am back at BRD Pictures with a very sweet and amazing light room preset. And I hope you will like this light room preset very much. So friends, in this post I am going to give you Dark Black Premium Lightroom Mobile Presets Free.

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You can edit your photo in Full HD Quality using this lightroom presets. And I know you are looking for HD Quality lightroom Presets.


Lightroom Presets_ Information

Lightroom presets are built on a normal photo. In which there is a mixture of many colors and effects. We can share lightroom presets anywhere on social media. Which people can download and put tremendous color effect on their photos. And you can edit your photo very amazing in one click.


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Lightroom App Full Details 

lightroom is a powerful photo editing app, and software too. With the help of which we can edit photos in many ways. Lightroom was developed by Adobe Company. Lightroom was first launched for PC, MacBook, and Windows. But after the great success of Light Room on the Windows platform, the Adobe Company also launched the lightroom mobile app for everyone. With the help of lightroom app, you can add awesome colors and effects on photos. And can edit photos very amazing.


System requirements:-

  • Mobile Android version_ Android 4.0 above
  • RAM_2GB
  • 8GB Storage
  • Installed Lightroom app Latest Version


Dark Black Lightroom Presets
Dark Black Lightroom Mobile Presets


How To Download Dark Black Lightroom Mobile Presets

So friends if you like these presets and you need these presets then the app can get them for free. So if you want to get these presets then you have to follow the simple method we have mentioned. Because you know that we work very hard in making presets.

First of all press the download button given in this article. After that you will get the option to download presets. Only option will appear after downloading presets.

I’m sure you’ve got the presets.


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How To Use Dark Black Lightroom Mobile Presets

  • First of all open the Lightroom app.
  • Then add photos and presets to the light room.
  • Now open Presets in Lightroom.
  • Then press on the three dot icon in the top right and select the copy settings option.
  • Open the photo in Lightroom.
  • Select the Paste Settings option by pressing on the three dot icon again.
  • and you are all done.


Important Note : –

So come on people, now we know what changes need to be made after applying the presets to the picture. Friends, let us tell you that the color and lighting effects of presets work in different ways with all the images. You know that all images do not have color and light etc. That’s why after applying the presets to the picture, correct the color and lighting. Like shadow, black, white, contact, exposure, setuation etc.


Preset Download


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