Lightroom Photo Editing Tutorial

Lightroom Photo Editing Tutorial :– Hello everyone Welcome to lightroom photo editing. I am your friend BRD Pictures, who brings new photo editing tips & tricks everyday. So friends, today we will learn to do photo editing with lightrroom app. Today’s photo editing is going to be great. I hope you like this photo editing. With the help of Lightroom app, you can edit photos attractively. The best app for color grading is Lightrroom. Nowadays people mostly look for easy way of photo editing. That’s why I’ll also give you a lightrroom preset. Using which you can edit the picture in just one click.

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[twenty20 img1=”2921″ img2=”2922″ offset=”0.5″ before=”Before” after=”After”]


About Lightroom App

Lightroom is a powerful photo editing app, and software too. With the help of which we can edit photos in many ways. Lightroom was developed by adobe company. Lightroom was first launched for PC, MacBook, and Windows. But after the great success of lightroom on the windows platform, the adobe company also launched the lightoom mobile app for everyone. With the help of lightroom app, you can add awesome colors and effects on photos. And can edit photos very amazing. Lightroom photo editing tutorial.



Watch Lightroom Photo Editing Tutorial  YouTube Video Link

It is very easy to do photo editing with the Snapseed app. You can too and have a whole lot of fun. You can watch the video of lightroom photo editing on Ss Rajput Edit youtube channel. The link of the youtube video is given below.

All types of videos related to lightroom photo editing are available on our youtube channel Ss Rajput Edit. You can learn a lot by watching them.


   18+ Lightroom Presets Download


Lightroom Presets Photo Editing ( Copy To Paste Sattings)

  • First of all open the lightroom app
  • Then add photos and presets to the lightroom
  • Now open presets in lightroom.
  • Then click on the three dot icon in the top right and select the copy settings option
  • Open the photo in lightroom
  • Select the paste settings option by clicking on the three dot icon again
  • and you are all done



Lightroom Presets Download_ Method

So friends, now let me tell you how to download this lightroom presets free. It’s very easy to download this lightroom preset. Follow the points given below.

  • First of all click on the download button, which is given at the bottom of this post
  • Its link will automatically open in media Fire
  • Now press the download arrow in the middle
  •  presets saved in your gallery






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