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Hello friends welcome to my website, I am back with BRD Editz with new Lightroom presets. In today’s article, I am going to give you some amazing presets. Using which you can edit photos in less time. Top 10 Blue Tone Lightroom Presets is saved in Zip file. How to Download Zip Files and Use Presets. Read this post in its entirety.

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Important Note :-

Lightroom presets zip zile has a password

The password is in the four/4 number, and is given in this article, so read this article completely and till.

System requirement to use presets and Lightroom

You must have android mobile kitkit version to use Lightroom app and presets. It is necessary to have Ram 4 and Photo Stroage 35 GB of this mobile. It is necessary to have the latest Lightroom mobile app.


Complete Information Of Lightroom Editing And Lightroom App

So let us first know what is lightroom and how it is used.

Lightroom is an android application built on the basis of photo editing which is very popular in this world.

If the app is a photo editor, then it is necessary to have this app installed in your mobile. Because it is the best app for editing photos.

If you are a new photo editor and must use the presets futures given in this app.

Photos can be made beautiful in just one click by adding dng and xmp presets to this app.


Photo Editing Method

To fix the light in the picture, use the light tool and fix the light through the light futures given in it.

Use color tool and mix tool for color mixing.

You will find seven color panels in the Mix tool. With the help of those panels, you can change the color of the picture.

Use the details tool to smooth out the face. Smooth the face by reducing the notice reduction.

If you want to do color grading of the photo, then you can use the curves tool.


How To Import Top 10 Blue Tone Presets in Lightroom App

  • First of all open ZArchiver app in your mobile
  • Then by opening the download folder, press on the zip file and press on Karen.
  • Open the top 10 Blue tone Presets folder by press on the View option.
  • Press on the top right side main three dot icon, and choose Multi – select option.
  • After that right press and select set all.
  • choose the extract option by pressing the right option at the bottom.
  • After entering the password =1010, press OK.
  • After that, press and hold one of the presets.
  • Share presets in Lightroom.


How To Use To 10 Blue Tone Lightroom Presets

  • First add photos and presets in Lightroom app.
  • Now open this presets in Lightroom app.
  • After this, by  on the three dot icon on the top right side, select the option to copy settings.
  • After that open the photo in Lightroom app.
  • Select the Paste Settings option by pressing on the three dot icon.





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