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Warm Tone Lightroom Presets:- Hello all my dear friends, I am your friend Bhimraj and in this article, I am going to provide you with warm tone lightroom presets. This is a great preset that will make your photo amazing. Although there are many presets of warm t but this one is the best, this preset has been tested by applying it on 20+ photos so that it works well when you apply it on a photo. Complete information about preset download and use is given in this article. Changes made after applying the preset are also reported.

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About Warm Tone Lightroom Presets

These Warm tone Lightroom presets are made for all photographers mainly used for editing photos clicked in sunlight. If you go somewhere outside and click photos in the sun, then apply this preset to those photos. It will make a nice chof ange colour and anotheffectnct on your photo.


Dark Grey And Orange Lightroom Preset

What Is Lightroom? Complete Information

Lightroom is a powerful photo editing app, and software too. With the help of this, we can edit photos in many ways. Lightroom was developed by Adobe company. Lightroom was first launched for PC, MacBooks, and Windows. But after the great success of Lightroom on the Windows platform, adobe company also launched the Lightroom mobile app for everyone. With the help of the Lightroom app, you can add awesome colours and effects to photos. And can edit photos very amazingly.


System Requirements:- 

So guys to use these presets you need a system like your mobile’s ram should be 3 GB. It is necessary to have 32 GB of internal storage for work. It is necessary to have Mobile android and KitKat versions.


Natural Aqua Lightroom Presets

How To Use Warm Tone Lightroom Presets ( Photo Editing )

So now we will learn about the use of warm tone Lightroom mobile preset in this paragraph. Dng is very easy to use and you can easily. If you have complete knowledge of the Lightroom app then you can enhance the beauty of photos by applying dng presets to photos. If you do not know how to use dng presets then read the simple steps mentioned by us.

Install most Lightroom apps on your mobile from the play store. Then add photos and presets to the Lightroom mobile app. Now open the presets in the Lightroom app. After that, copy the settings of the preset by pressing the menu settings option at the top. Then open the picture in the lightroom. Now select the paste settings option by pressing the menu settings option.


How To Download Warm Tone Lightroom Presets

We have kept this preset in google drive. So we are giving you the link to google drive, and from there you can download it. There are simple steps in the method of downloading which are mentioned below.

  • First, click on the download button
  • open the link in Chrome or any other browser
  • Now download the preset from here.


Preset Download

Futures: –

  • HD quality
  • Usable in Lightroom mobile
  • Colour retouching and light adjustment
  • Premium colour effects
  • Can download for free
  • BRD EditzLightroomm preset

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