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Hello friends welcome to my website. I hope you are all fine. I am in BRD Editz with another new lightroom Presets. In this article I am going to give you top 25+ Lightroom presets. Using these presets, you can edit the photo in any way. Top 25+ Lightroom presets to use and download. Follow the article step by step.

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Lightroom presets zip zile has a password

•The password is in the four/4 number, and is given in this article, so read this article completely and till.


How To Edit Photo in Lightroom Full Details

So let us first know what is lightroom and how it is used.

Lightroom is an android application built on the basis of photo editing which is very popular in this world.

If the app is a photo editor, then it is necessary to have this app installed in your mobile. Because it is the best app for editing photos.

If you are a new photo editor and must use the presets futures given in this app.

Photos can be made beautiful in just one click by adding dng and xmp presets to this app.

Lightroom Photo Editing _

To fix the light in the picture, use the light tool and fix the light through the light futures given in it.

Use color tool and mix tool for color mixing.

You will find seven color panels in the Mix tool. With the help of those panels, you can change the color of the picture.

Use the details tool to smooth out the face. Smooth the face by reducing the notice reduction.

If you want to do color grading of the photo, then you can use the curves tool.


How To Add And Use 25+ Top Lightroom Presets

There is very easy way to add xmp presets to lightroom mobile app and you can add easily. If you have been using the Lightroom app for a long time, then you would know how presets are added. If you are new and you do not have much knowledge about lightroom app then read the following steps we have mentioned.

To add Xmp Presets to Lightroom app, first open the Lightroom app in your mobile. Now press the presets option. After that choose yours option. Now press menu settings from above. Then you can also add one or more Presets from the Internal Stroage in the mobile.

Password= 1212 

Lightroom Use Method –

So friends, now we tell you how you can use these presets. Editing photos using these presets is very easy and you can easily learn.

Most lightroom application has to blossom in your mobile. After that you will see the option to add a photo at the bottom. Now by pressing add photos option add those photos from your gallery which you want to edit
Want to

Now open the pictures in lightroom. After that you will see a lot of options. Like light, color, effect and presets etc.
Select Presets. Now press yours option then you will see all Presets. Now you can apply these Presets on your photos and enhance the beauty of the photos.





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